Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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Located about 15 minutes by water taxi from Isla Colon is Red Frog Beach. It is equipped with a beach, marine, restaurant, and zip line tour. With many attractions it is a necessary stop while visiting Bocas Del Toro.

Bastimento Sky zip line tour is an exciting and adrenaline pumping way to have an adventure. Any one age 4 and up is welcome to take part in the 7 zip lines and treetop challenge course. The challenge course includes a Tarzan swing, swaying bridge, and canopy net. These are fun in a scary fun kind of way, but definitely recommended.

Elevated tree platforms are safely attached to the trees without hurting it in anyway. Straps are used and are adjusted to grow with the tree. These platforms range from 15ft to 100ft from the canopy floor. At the highest point one zips high above the jungle floor at about 150ft, and can go as fast as 40 mph.

The tour begins at Red Frog Dock, where a truck and tour guide will pick you up and take you to Kayukos Lodge to register for the tour and sign a release of liability. From there you head to the canopy entrance. A short scenic hike is required to get to the safety platform. The tour guides explain the safety information and gear everyone up.  The total tour takes around 2-3 hours. Plan on spending at least half a day.

Make sure to wear closed toes shoes, and tie long hair back. You can bring a camera just be alert not to drop it during the tour. Also if you have a clip on water bottle then you can bring it, otherwise you will have to wait until the end for water, soda, or beer.

Lunch is available after the tour at Kayukos Lodge, where you will also get to see the photos taken by Clarissa the photographer. After lunch if you want to make a full day out of it head to the beautiful Red Frog Beach where you can swim, sunbath, and get drinks at the bar.

I was lucky enough to get to do the zip line tour while my family was in town. Although I am terrified of heights I managed to make it through the course. It was fun, but I am not going to lie and say I concurred any fear- I am still afraid of heights! The last zip is quite long and was my favorite part of the tour. It gives you a chance to look around and see the scenery.

Samantha Ritchie About the author: Samantha Ritchie is a college graduate with a degree in Communication. Her adventures brought her to Bocas Del Toro, where she is currently living. Culture, food, and beauty inspire her to write about her travels.