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Bocas Del Toro Scuba Dive Shops

Bocas Dive Opportunities

Bocas Town, being a very small place, has three dive shops that offer full service to all the divers or soon to be divers who come to town for a vacation. All of the dive shops are PADI and all the instructors are certified for your safety. All three offer certification programs that are intense according to all who have taken them.

If you are already certified and ready to go all of these dive shops have very reasonably priced dive trips. There are dives to the sunken ship off Isla Colon (60 feet) and dives to “The Garden” at the edge of Isla Solarte (60 feet) is an extraordinary experience. You can schedule a night dive most nights. I am told by divers these are unbelievably beautiful and sometimes spooky; everything looks different at night.

The shops also offer dive trips to the outer reefs, Panama’s infamous island oasis including Isla Pastores (60 feet) where you will see sea horses and Tiger Rock (110 feet) a series of deep water pinnacles. This trip is only possible in calm seas but if the weather cooperates you can see sharks and huge parrot fish at this site. Cuevita (little cave) (40 feet) is in the outer reef and one of the best dives in the area with caves with lots of glass fish. There are many more cool dive sites to explore; if you dive you will love Bocas!

Starfleet is a dive shop with a spa upstairs. They have PADI programs and daily dive trips. They are located downtown and can be reached at starfleetscuba.com.

Bocas Water Sports is located downtown and they are PADI certified. BWS also has combined scuba and snorkeling trips and they rent kayaks. Reach them at bocaswatersports.com.

La Buga DiveshopLa Buga is a dive center and a surf school. They are PADI certified. La Buga also has combined dive and snorkeling trips. Right next door is the La Buguita Café. The dive shop’s website is labugapanama.com.

All three of these diving operations have great reviews and all three have different places that they take divers for that ultimate rush that diving is all about. Some also have night diving trips that have been very well reviewed by the participants.

We strongly suggest that if you are coming to Bocas to go diving that you get on the internet and make contact with all three of these fine shops as they are different in their approaches. If you do not arrange a trip in advance of you arrival in Bocas you can always make arrangements with the instructors by stopping by the shops when you arrive in Bocas. We have met all of the owners of these dive shops and are comfortable recommending all of them. Come to Bocas for a great dive or scuba vacation.

Bocas Snorkel Opportunities

Bocas offers some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. The water is warm, usually calm and clear and the coral gardens amazing.

No one should come to Bocas and not snorkel at least once. Almost every boat trip to Crawl Cay includes a snorkeling opportunity at the reef there. And the tour companies provide the snorkeling equipment. You can also arrange all day snorkel trips with the most the dive shops or hire a private captain to take you to your favorite snorkel sites.

  • Kay Atchley

    Can you please supply me with dive shops that provide tour/transportation to snorkeling areas. I would like to snorkel two days while in Bocas del Toro (will be there in October)
    Thank you for your assistance.