Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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Lunch in Bocas Del Toro

Bocas has some interesting lunch spots if you have the time for a leisurely lunch. There is no fast food to speak of but the food is great and prepared fresh when you order.

Lily's Lunch Bocas Del ToroLily’s
Lily’s is located in the town of Bocas on a dock with a great view of the water. The food is Jamaican for the most part and the menu is large. It is the home of the “Killing Me Man Sauce” which should definitely be approached with care. Lunches are priced from $4 to $10.

Shelly’s offers a Panamanian version of the taco a barbequed burrito. If you go to Shelly’s we recommend Number Four for a great lunch. Shelly’s is located downtown just behind the Hotel Laguna. Shelly won the chili cook off the last two years so be prepared for some good food. Lunches are priced from $4 up.

Om Cafe LunchOm
Om is Indian food and is great and the view of people walking by is fun. The menu has lots of choices and lots of flavors. They are located downtown Bocas near the Municipal Building. Om is moderately priced.

El Pecado
El Pecado is simply great no matter what you order, the Sub sandwich might be the best you have ever eaten and the service is great. El Pecado is located in the Hotel Laguna on the main street just across from the park. Lunches are priced from $5 up.

Chitre is a Panamanian restaurant that has great chicken, rice, beans and salad or pork and beef also served with rice, beans and a salad. You will have to share a table quite often as it is small. The price is cheap and you get a lot.

La Coralina
La Coralina is located way out near Bluff beach and has a fantastic view of the ocean and is worth the taxi fare. The food is great, the service is good and the hotel is fun. They even have a pool table, a bocce ball court and a great little gift shop. Lunches are moderately priced.

Rib Tide
This is an old tugboat that was converted into a bar and restaurant and is popular with tourist and expats. They have full menu with an emphasis on comfort food. Drinks are cheap and meals start at the $7 range. The Rib Tide is located on the water on the edge of Bocas.

Toro Loco Bocas Del ToroToro Loco
This is a sports bar with food located downtown near the park. There is always something going on that is interesting and fun, big sports hangout for visitors from all over the world. The food tends toward bar food, hamburgers, chicken wings and French fries. Drinks are cheap and food starts at $6.

Local Cuisine
In the Cabanas are two great Panamanian restaurants whose names remain a mystery but both have great food. The fare is traditional Panamanian and everything comes with rice, beans and a salad. Lunches are cheap. The taxi drivers know where they are so just ask them to take you to the Cabanas.

Lunch is fun in Bocas, so take your time and enjoy.