Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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Surfers Only – Isla Carenero

Carenero Surf Break:

Called simply Carenero, it’s just a five-minute boat ride from Bocas town and thus can get crowded. The surf breaks are equally as good. This wave is popular with surfers for a long, barreling reef break off the north side of the island. The reef is shallow; the idea of wearing booties is smart. The reef shelf drops off hastily into the channel and produces five left peaks. The waves start curling at 4 feet and can hold 12+ feet. When it is ripping two sections link and can take its rider for a 200-yard excursion. If your looking for tubes look no further. Currents are intense and the sets are endless; be aware- you can get worked. Intermediate and advanced surfers, depending on swell size and conditions.


Legend has it that Silverbacks got its name from a local Bocas woman who pronounced herself Queen of the Caribbean. Rumor has it she resembled the silverback gorilla, and would challenge anyone who questioned her status. It’s said that a bad wipeout over the reef here will leave you looking like you’ve had a run-in with this lovely lady. Although this story is interesting it is hard to believe. Once you see the surf you know it got its name from the way the sun reflected off the back of the giant breakers.

Silverbacks is an open ocean spot located between Carenero and Bastimentos. This wave is one of the biggest in Caribbean and doesn’t start to show until it is over 10 feet! When it is firing it has well over 20 foot faces. This right is a steep reef bottom point break with a huge barrel. Experience is a must. Once you commit to the drop there is no turning back. Adrenaline junks (with experience) grab your board and get ready for some insane blood rushing drops.

It is a 30-minute boat ride from Bocas town, so check and make sure it is firing before you take the trip.

Samantha Ritchie About the author: Samantha Ritchie is a college graduate with a degree in Communication. Her adventures brought her to Bocas Del Toro, where she is currently living. Culture, food, and beauty inspire her to write about her travels.