Popa/ Loma Partida/ Isla Tigres/ Cayo de Agua


It is a shame to visit the Bocas del Toro Archipelago and miss seeing the more distant islands. Each island truly has its own feel and vibe, and visit to these off islands will instantly transport you to a different era and place, where time seems to slow down you can really begin to sense the daily rhythms of the natural world around you. The area around Isla Popa including Isla Tigre, Loma Partida, and Cayo de Agua is home to some of the best snorkeling in Bocas, scattered eco-resorts, and vacation rentals with some of the best views in Bocas. You can immerse yourself in sustainable living at De la Luna: Organic Sustainable Living Resort or relax away your former life in the luxurious cabanas of Urraca Private Island whose waters are illuminated at night by bioluminescent algae.


There is plenty of great fishing holes and reefs teeming with snapper. Once you have hauled in your day’s catch stop over at Cayo Coral where the restaurant will prepare your fish for you and serve up some other super fresh seafood over a pristine lagoon among the mangroves.

Out just a little further is Cayo de Agua where you can discover some of the best surf breaks in Bocas. These breaks have no names and you will be your own crowd as most days these lonely waves go unridden with no one to play among them.