Om Cafe History

In December 2001, a young East Indian woman who grew up in Toronto, Canada came to Bocas del Toro with a dream. Her dream was to live in a tropical paradise and open a little restaurant where she could enjoy winterless weather, good quality of life and be around green jungle instead of the concrete jungle.

In September 2002, her dream was realized when she opened up OM Cafe in a little street side location with the help of her mom, who, armed with her culinary expertise and family recipes, worked tirelessly to create a diverse and delicious menu.

Everything at OM Cafe is made from scratch the “old fashioned” way, from the masalas, to the paneer and even homemade yogurt. They pride themselves on the fact that they don’t take shortcuts in making delicious authentic Indian cuisine

It’s not just curry!

There seems to be a misconception about Indian cuisine that it is hot, hot, hot and loaded with curry! Admittedly, Indian food incorporates a lot of spices and some dishes are made to be hot and spicy but there is such a diversity in the types of ingredients used.

About Om Cafe

At OM Cafe, they are conscious of the fact that not everyone likes hot, spicy, curry dishes, therefore, they provide an array of dishes that cater to the more sensitive palettes. They also have Indian fusion specials that combine western cuisine with a little Indian flavour.


Om Cafe has one of the best and most popular breakfasts in town. They are famous for their BIG BREAKFAST and people keep coming back for their “Nashta” which is their Indian Breakfast. What could an Indian breakfast possibly consist of? This breakfast option will tantalize your taste buds first thing in the morning with its spicy kick!! You want eggs? How about scrambled eggs mixed with garlic/ginger, green chillies, and cilantro chutney? Don’t want bread? How about naan instead?

They are located on Calle 2da (2nd Street) behind the Municipal Building and park.

Hours of operation are:

Friday – Tuesday
Breakfast 8am-12pm
Dinner 6pm-10pm
(closed Wednesday and Thursday)